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15 July 2006 @ 11:45 am
So I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Surgery people! In my mouth! That combines my fear of surgery with my exptreme dislike of oral pain. Yeah. So I went in and while I was walking down the hall I saw some guy getting in the chair and there were machines and ivs and people everywhere. I was all oh awesome. Then I get to mine and this girl starts hooking me up to machines and shit. And then some other lady sticks this tube with laughing gas in it on my nose (laughing gas is like the greatest man made invention ever by the way.) and then the doctor comes in and they stick an iv in me (which was cool cause I actually like needles. I know I'm a freak. Stop looking at me like that) Then the lady asks if the gas is working yet and I'm all not really and then she asks the doctor if he needs FORCEPS. Like AHH. And then my vision goes a little blurry and I feel woosy. And as I'm looking up I see that overhead light and the machines are beeping and I see the doctor looming over me with a syringe. And the last thing I remember was them strapping my arms to the chair. It was so bizarre. It was exactly like in movies when they show someone from their point of view as they are in surgery or being tortured or something. I will never be able to watch movies like that the same way again. The next thing I remember I was in a recovery room laughing at my mom. Apparently I willinglike (willingly. I am SO high) got up and they helping (helped. Jeebus) me walk down the hall. So I'm sitting there just laughing my ass off while all the other patients are like crying and totally freaked out. I was all hallucinating and shit. My mom had like four eyes in a row and four eyebrows and two noses and I'm telling her all this as I'm laughing and pointing. Nothing else was double vision just her. Then I started talking about how I love laughing gas and how the hell did I get in here. Then I almost fell over. The nurse kept trying to get me to shut up cause I was still bleeding and they had to call the doctor back in cause I kept setting off the machines cause my heart rate was like double what it should be from my hysterical laughter. I would not shut up though. I have no idea how my mom understood me. The only reason I knew was because I knew what I was TRYING to say. That laughing gas was insane (you should all try it. Highly recommended). They finally let me go when I told my mom her face was back to normal. It was still working after I got home. The whole bottom half of my fave (face. I don't know why my brain refuses to type the words I want it to.) was numb and swollen and I kept funning (running. Stop it brain!) into the bathroom to laugh and make faces at myself. And now I'm on these crazy pain pills that are like morphine or something. Merphize? Meriphine? I don't know. All I know is that they make me really high. And I can STILL feel the pain. So I've decided to distract myself by talking to you guys. Also posting when high is fun. If you can't tell I get talkitive (is that spelled right? It doesnt look right. At least its the right word) when Im high. Come talk to me bitches! (I would do a cut on this but I can't remember how right now. So whatver.(yes that is what I call apologizing. Suck it.))
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09 June 2006 @ 01:51 am
Apparently my computer is pissed at me for savagely murdering my keyboard yesterday. Whenever I turn it on it starts to freak out and I have to turn it back off. All of the applications freeze and when I click the mouse it does wacky things like bringing up the menu when you hold down the control key. So I looked in the Apple help thing and the closest thing to what it's doing said to reinstall the software. And it says it shouldn't erase everything but you should back everything up if you can. I can't get it to do anything so how the hell am I supposed to back all my shit up? And my computer? Totally doesn't have any space left because it is so full. I swear to god I will have some sort of breakdown if I lose everything. Thank god I have George Michael. My ipod. Not the singer/songwriter.

Anyway. Has anyone had anything like that happen? I kind of just want to make sure that reinstalling it is a good idea. Or other less scary solutions. (and yes I did the whole unplugging stuff thing) Because frankly I'd rather not be a total moron today. If that's possible.

Also? I really hate using my mom's computer. This thing is a dinosaur. It was originally an Aptiva circa 1998. When it was dying a slow miserable death my cousin pulled a Frankenstein and used spare parts to turn it into a monster. Obviously it's barely holding on for life. At least it hasn't tried to murder me. Yet.

sweetcynic23 I am emailing you back. I swear. I seriously can't help it. I am having issues. I'm paranoid that you think I'm ignoring you now. And I still don't hate you.
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07 June 2006 @ 08:11 pm
So I"m updating my journal right? What do I do? Spill orange soda everywhere. And by everywhere I mean ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD. Everywhere also includes me, my chair, the floor, and the desk. It was a MASSACRE. Of course I freak out because hello KEYBOARD. I tried to clean it. I even popped off all the keys and washed them. Which I'm pretty sure was my fatal mistake because in my rush to fix it I totally didn't make sure they were dry and the water leaked into the area that was guarded previously by the keys. So really if I hadn't broken it before I sealed the deal there. Yeah. And once I had them all popped off I couldn't figure out what went where. If you do know where the keys go offhand you are a loser. Mainly because you weren't here to help me put them back on. Finally being the genius that I am I went into the other room and looked at my mom's keyboard. I tried to do the key test thing to make sure all the keys are working and the keyboard on the screen started freaking out and I didn't even push any keys. It was all like OWW IT HURTS OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME WOMAN?! Needless to say I had to go to the Apple store and buy a new keyboard. Which was $60. Because I AM A MORON. The moral of the story? Don't drink and type.

Also? I'm totally sitting on the floor now because in my distraught state I totally forgot about the chair and now it's disgusting.
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31 January 2006 @ 02:07 am
Oh my fucking god. Watch this.

I want to meet the cracked out mastermind behind this and have his babies. Unless it's David Hasselhoff.
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sweetcynic23 is the most bitchingly awesome person ever. She gave me paid lj time and 100 icons! So if anyone wants to give me icons or tell me how I can customize my journal go for it.

bostonben also kicks ass. She sent me a scratch 'n sniff card. It smells like tree!

And now AD picspam!

That episode was so damn good. The scene where all the boys start screaming when they see Lucille after her face lift. FRILLIANT. I love how Michael flips out with them. And when Buster's hand flies off and GOB catches it without paying attention and starts waving it around in horror.

I'm making a Buster icon like RIGHT NOW.
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